More than 90% of individuals have an imbalance of the postural system. The postural imbalances generate anomalous muscle tensions, in paraspinal muscles and also in those of the lower limbs causing adaptive reactions in the spine and in the remaining skeletal system. The process of adaptation to anomalous solicitations involves paravertebral articulations and peripheral articulations, such as the coxofemoral and sacroiliac articulations, the knee or shoulder articulations. The consequences will be numerous, more or less long- 2 term, with the appearance of pain, stiffness and contractures, limitations of articulations movements related to osteoarticular functional blockages and muscular blockages, favoring in this way the deposit of arthrosis, degeneration of the articulations and that of the intervertebral disc. In athletes it determines predisposition to cramps, sprains, muscle numbness, tendinitis, pubalgia, reduction of sports performance or mediocre results despite exercising. In case of tonic postural imbalance, anomalous muscle solicitations caused by asymmetries of the skeletal muscle chains will generate articular, ligamentous or muscle pathologies. Depending on their importance, their origins, the soil or the solicitations, they may express themselves differently through the different clinical pictures. They are the different clinical expressions of "Postural Syndrome".

Therefore, the right knowledge of the history of postural imbalance together with the consequent pathology or osteoarticular and muscular dysfunction allow to the insiders to establish an appropriate therapeutic procedure which consequently would be able to eliminate all anomalous solicitations, bringing all osteoarticular chains in balance and causing the disappearance of pain. A balanced posture, harmonious muscle chains and tension free articulations will be a guarantee of a normal movement and an anatomical and physiological integrity. The absence of pain will be the award for patients following this functional method, arthritis will appear in old age and with a reduced intensity; in sports, performances will improve and accidents will be reduced.