Located in the center of Salerno since 2004 the C.S.M.M. stems from the need to offer maximum expertise at the service of the care of physical well-being through the ancient art of Chiropractic, trying to help as many people as possible to achieve and maintain their optimal state of well-being.

In our Chiropractic center the Postural Global Reprogramming is completed. B.Bricot method with which we manage to reach the correct musculoskeletal alignment in the patient, thus performing an important preventive and maintenance work of Chiropractic manipulation.

Another very important and complementary application to those already mentioned aimed at the recovery of Neuro Muscular is the now widespread KinesioTaiping, a natural bandage that is very cumbersome and very effective in restoring muscle function and consequently of great help in the precarious stability of the joint.